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German Militaria For Sale

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How to Order:  Since all of my items are unique and one of a kind, please shoot me an email to make sure the item is in stock.  I will calculate postage and insurance to your location and you can either paypal me the funds to the below email address or snail mail me a check, cash, or Money Order.


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Reenacting Gear

This is all my personal reenacting gear.  After 24 years in the Army, both sons in college and beyond, and apparently the American Reenactors in Texas are now using ball ammunition, I have decided to give up this facet of my appreciation of military history.  I am 6' 2" and 225 with a 44 inch chest and 36x34 pants.  My son is 6' and wears about a 40 and a 34x34.  The tropicals were baggy on both of us.  Just trying to give you an idea of the sizes.  The tropicals were intentionally weathered to get "the look", so don't expect brand new.  All of the gear has been used unless otherwise stated. 


Luftwaffe Tropical Shorts, well weathered, about a 36” waist. $20

FJ Boots, top of the line from At The Front (ATF), some wear, very good, size 13 $75

Wool neck toque, pine green, West German, $5 each

repro clothe and leather trouser belt, about a 36 and larger, $5

FJ smock, splinter A, weathered, Sturm size III, with NCO gulls on arms, blue wool breast eagle, $50

FJ smock, splinter A, size II, splinter breast eagle $40  SOLD

Luftwaffe sport shirt.  Has bevo eagle sewn to breast.  Unfortunately, it looks like I wrestled a badger in it and the shirt has holes.  However, the extremely high quality eagle is salvageable and can be sewn to your own wife beater, $10

Heer field grey pants, about a 34x34.  $30SOLD

FJ pants, high quality field grey wool, 36x34 and larger, $50SOLD

Luftwaffe blue pullover knit shirt long sleeve, post war, size medium $20

Luftwaffe tropical shirt, size large/ XL with NCO rank shoulder boards and breast eagle, weathered $35

Luftwaffe tropical shirt, size medium with breast eagle and FJ shoulder  boards, weathered $20SOLD

Luftwaffe tropical pants, highly weathered, about a 36x34 and larger $25

Luftwaffe tropical pants, highly weathered, about a 34x34 and larger $25SOLD

Heer DAK pants, new, about a 36x34 $30

BW button up service shirts with chest pockets in OD green, medium and a large, $15 each

Enlisted Fliegerbluse, set up for FJ2 with all the insignia and cuff title.  $45SOLD

NCO Fliegerbluse, set up for FJ2 with all insignia and cuff title, $65

matching blue straight leg trousers for above fliegerbluse, about a 36x34, great for dress uniform look and a night out at Walburg all you can eat German buffet, $40


Field Gear:

Swiss Spades (2), look like the German ones, with leather carrier, almost new, $25 each

Ration bags, stamped with eagle and date, from S&M Wholesale (SMW), small and large, $10 for both

Luger Holster, black, some storage scuffs, not used, top quality, $50

Belt hooks for attaching gear to leather waist belt, $5 each

repro canteen cup, early war oval, $15

repro canteen cup, late war bakalite $15

British air raid warden whistle, dated 1942 on a German looking military lanyard, looks good on an NCO $35

BW 98K cleaning kit, lots of contents, looks complete $20

BW equipment straps with roller buckle, $5 each

luft belt buckle, painted blue, weathered high quality SMW, $20

Heer belt buckle, painted green, weathered high quality SMW, $20

luft silver painted steel buckle, brought back from German, weathered, looks convincing $25

Uniform belts, have 3, two are for around a 36” waist and the other will go out to about a 40” $10 each

FJ Y Straps, BW post war cav straps, look well used and very convincing, hard to get, $40 each

FJ 98K splinter bandoleer, weathered, $20SOLD

MP 44 pouches, near new, $45 for set

FJ Gasmask bag, this is a top quality SMW replica, not one of the cheesy ones, $50

Breadbags, Luftwaffe blue, heavy duty canvas,  high quality, $30 each

Canteen, complete, an original German WWII canteen rebuilt with new covers, straps, and post war aluminum cups that look like the early war oval cups.  used, almost look original $50 each


Head Gear:

FJ Tropical Hat, M-43 type with no flaps, all insignia, very weathered, looks like it “was there” 62 cm $20

Heer DAK M43 hat no flaps with Luftwaffe insignia, weathered, 62cm  $20

Blue Wool M43, top quality from SMW, with insignia, 62cm, $40SOLD

Blue Wool M43, average quality, with insignia, 62cm $20

FJ Helmet, this is the no longer made, ATF heavy helmet, extremely high quality.  Has Normandy Camo with sawdust, chinstrap was switched out with an original BW post war one, size 61 cm, this is the closest thing you can get to an original without paying your right arm.  $300

FJ Helmet, cheesy Chinese copy, has a good ordnance tan paint job with decal, missing 2 bolts, $45



Original WWII German Military items.

3. French WWII Binoculars.  6x30 Binoculars Made in Paris.  Nice condition and decent optics.  Priced to sell.  WWII

5.  WWI Swiss Model 1918; marked “Elsener”; near mint; with scabbard and frog;


6.  German WWI Canteen.  Dated 1915, nice condition.



Badges and Medals

1 Set of WWII Iron Crosses, original.  WWII first Class is the desirable screw-back.  Holding post is missing.  WWII Second Class is in mint condition.  Appears to be a "108" makers mark. 


2nd Class: SOLD

1st Class: $495

2 Infantry Assault Badge, Silver.  marked SH.u.C.o '44,  Has some stress marks where it has been bent, but complete and solid badge with a desirable maker. 


3 Infantry Assault Badge, Bronze.  Panzer Grenadiers.  Appears to have changed color over the years to more of a gold.  This is common with the bronze washes.  Marked with the "W" with umlauts meaning one of several makers in Austria.  Great patina.


4 Tank Assault, Bronze.  This is a late war example with a high Zinc content.  Traces of Bronze on the back.  Excellent badge and highly desirable. 


5 General Assault Badge, Marked with Assmann "A".  Desirable early to mid-war craftsmanship.  Hard to find nicer. 


6 Luftwaffe Ground Assault Badge, late war.


7  HEER Schuetzenschnur or Army Shooting Lanyard,  Very nice and original.  Scarce 4th Degree Award given for superior marksmanship with a rifle. 


8 Luftwaffe Shooting Lanyard.  Excellent condition.


9 Wound badge in Black


10 Wound Badge in Silver.  Solid back, maker marked "L/53"


11 WWI Austria-Hungary Medal with Austrian triangle ribbon fold.  Nice medal. 


12 Kriegsmarine Mine Sweeper BadgeNo maker mark.  Gold gilding mostly faded, but silver water plume and dark water are fine.  Hard to find nicer


13 Pre-war National Sports badge in bronze.   Marked H.Wernstein, Jena Lobstedt, DRGM 35269

14 War Merit Cross with Swords

15   War Merit Cross Without Swords

16 1933 National Election TinnieIn 1933, this meant Yes, vote for the Nazi party.  Hitler was already Chancellor, but it was this election that the Nazi party won 95% of the vote and secured their opportunity to seize all power in Germany.  These pins were sold at polling stations for 5 pffennigs and indicated that you had just voted for the Nazis.  I have read that even the Berlin hookers got up to vote and proudly sported these badges.  Truly a watershed memento of the Third Reich.

17 May Day 1936May Day 1936Tinnie.  Aluminum

18 Repro Fleet Badge.  Well detailed and weathered.  $55
19 Bavarian WWI Cross, nice shape


20 WWII West Wall Medal, mint in the package.  You can not upgrade

21 Austrian WWI Service Medal


22 Franco Prussian War Cross; issued the same time as the Hindenburg crosses to recognize the older vets

23 "Stahlhelm" Organization Vet Pin, Original


24 1934 Labor Day Tinnie with one UGLY looking "woman"

25 WWI Hindenburg Cross.  Scarcer variant without Swords for non-combat Arms.





 ID and Personal Items


1 Post-War Esbit field stove.  These are the old style script stoves that are nearly identical to their WWII counterparts.  These are in exceptional condition and not all rusted to hell like the ones others try to sell.  All have had heat tabs burned in them, but are not rusted out. 


2 Original Pack of WWII German  50 count Cigarette rolling papers .  Tobacco stamp has the Eagle with the swastika. Sold
3 Original pouch for Erkennungsmarken.  I stumbled into a lot of these at a fleamarket after an old woman had been cleaning out her basement.  Dogtag not included. Sold
4 German wallet with original Navy Breast Eagle with wool backing.  Interesting item, show age and smells musty.  See Wall of Service, Otto Heigel 1st SS, LAH for similar item:  Otto Heigel   Sold



6 Luftwaffe 1950s Gabardine 4 pocket Uniform made up to look WWII.  Actually, these early, post war tunic sets are very hard to come by, especially when they are a large size.  The FLAK patch, gull wings on the collar tabs, and the Gefreiter badge look original.  I would say it is a 44 chest, Regular length.  Comes with matching trousers that are a tight 36 inch waist.  The legs are tapered, so I am assuming you are supposed to wear boots.  If not, this was one post-war kraut with skinny chicken legs!  Comes with all badges as shown plus the trousers.

7 Iron Cross Winner Wehrpass

Name: Gerfeiter Langorf Bohmelt

Stamped on dogtag: Man # 5074 1st Light Artillery Replacement Unit #252 Blood Type A

Born 1 Mar 1921 in Konradswaldau

Father: Theodore Bohmelt

Mother: Yarstolle Shubert

Service Catagory I (top notch)

Qualified 98K Mauser

Served 1st Company, 5th Pioneer Battalion, 5th Light Infantry,16th Army, Rahmen, Russia

Wounded 21 MAR 1942: 3 different wounds simultaneously

Awarded the Silver Wound Badge 30 APR 42

Awarded Iron Cross 2nd Cls 30 APR 42

Awarded East Front Medal 24 SEP 42

Released from active service 16 NOV 42 from Army Release Point, Posen, paid 50 Reich Marks for travel home. 

Served rest of war in the Reich Arbeits Deinst (work service)

Also included telegram from 1944 saying that Mrs Elmi Jackel and children are delayed in coming home and to contact as soon as possible. 


Ordnance and Equipment

1 German WWI Flaregun, Model 1894, pristine condition, fine grips, probably maritime model due to plating.  See Virtual Arms room for more pics and history.     Sold
2 Fine condition practice Potato Masher with decal for ALDEL SPORT ARTIKALs!  Apparently, throwing grenades used to be a sport!     SOLD
3 Same as above, near new condition, no decal.   SOLD
4 Pony Fur Backpack.    Extremely early 1935 dated.  One of the auxiliary straps on the attachment straps is missing.  Has some minor issues, but an incredibly early date and good condition considering its age.  Great for display. Sold
5 Superior condition Army breadbag.  Has extra loop sewn on front for a equipment strap.  Well marked, Breadbags in this condition just don't exist anymore. Sold
  Mess Kit Straps.  These are 26 inches long and will fit around a standard wartime messkit.  Undated, aluminum buckle.  Probably post war, but they do the task and have some age to them.     $8 each
7 Standard issued mess kits in fair condition.  Both sections will have WWII dates, but will not be matching.  Still, original and getting scarcer everyday $40
8 WWII German Military suspenders.  This is the type that loops over your arms and only fastens in the front.  Scarce to find.    $45
9 Hitler Jugend/ Para Military Breadbag and Strap.  Extremely nice condition. Sold
10 Hitler Youth Steel Buckle.  Extremely nice and perfect condition. $120
12 Wehrmacht parade buckle, original,






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